Discover Marche through cycling routes

Cycling without a hurry

Want to relax. To release tension and stress and leave you the pleasure of discovering the territory at a slow pace, nice, riding a bicycle. You’re not the only one to wish for a carefree holiday, where the two wheels become a valuable and useful companion in his spare time.

Nothing months of training and competition, just a little challenging path or a path in the countryside and the desire to have fun and feel good, maybe with his family.

Gabicce and the Park of Monte San Bartolo are the perfect scenery to satisfy your desires. And they are beautiful places to explore by bike with your children.

If you do not want to take it with you, the hotel Marinella offers a convenient bike rental service from the best brands, including practices of E-bike, so any time you can plan your walk with your kids or friends and spend a day carefree.


Weekly Programm  EBike Trekking Bike min 3 max 13 cyclist