Family Hotel: Great services for younger guests

How do you imagine your children’s hotel?

We know what it means to leave with your children. There are many needs, all different, and often you have little time to really relax. Or you are always afraid to forget something and the suitcase is never too big to contain everything that is “indispensable” for you.

For this reason we have conceived the hotel as a placewhere you can leave stress, frenetic rhythms and anxiety behind.

Where you can finally think about yourself, while your children are having fun at the kids’ club and are in good hands.

Where you can lighten the weight of your worries, but also the weight of your luggage. Because here you have everything you need to be serene and tohave fun with your family.

Family services in the hotel:

  • Strollers
  • Bicycles with baby seats
  • Bicycles for childres with and without small side-wheels
  • Pediatric Medical Service in the hotel (extra charge)
  • Private Babysitter (extra charge)
  • Free indoor laundry
  • Crocky Club activities for children from 5 years old

Hotel Marinella is the ideal solution for those traveling with small children.

The tailor-made services, the suitable spaces, the flexibility of schedules and the professionalism of the staff make the structure perfect for planning a carefree vacation. To all this is added the location: Gabicce Mare.

The beach of fine sand, the sea always clean and with a gently sloping seabed, the air and the incomparable ventilation of our gulf, the plants and fragrant flowers of our promontory, are all elements that give value and quality to your vacation and make it truly unique.

From bedtime to feeding, the children are pampered by the entire staff of Hotel Marinella and we reserve a special vacation for families!

Family services in the room:

  • Beds with and without sideboards
  • Intercom
  • WC adapters
  • Gold TV with Baby channels

Great care for small palates

Our younger guests deserve the bigger services, even at the table. Here at Marinella we take mealtime very seriously, even if we try our best to make it a game.

Family Service in the restaurant:

  • Great Buffett "La Zucca" for a more dynamic and fast service
  • Highchairs and anatomical seats
  • Disposable Bibs
  • Baby Cutlery
  • Baby Game Set
  • Menu for children
  • Kids reserved restaurant room
  • Table of Friendship
  • Specialized kitchen staff
  • Marinella Family Tutor
  • Granarolo-Milk for free always available
  • Children's kitchen 24 hours a day available for the preparation of baby-meals
  • Milk-Bottle warmer
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Pasta and soup-pasta
  • Vegetable and meat broths
  • Milk PS + days
  • Grana Padano creamy-cheese
  • Fruit and vegetables

Marinella Crocki Club

For all children from 3 to 10 years old, from Monday to Saturday, from June, there is the Crocki Club!

Our miniclub for games and adventures to live together with our mascot Renee on the beach, in the hotel, in the San Bartolo park in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening.

About us

Has met our expectations

Very nice staff, very clean, great location, very varied, fresh and tasty food. Value for money excellent.

A lovely place to go

We were in a right state about choosing a holiday can bear flicking through brochures and the internet. However an Italian friend Max, (who holds pop up restaurants and arranges Italian lifestyle holidays for cyclists etc) extolling the virtues of the Italian life, literally saved us. We were offered several choices of where to go in Italy so we chose Gabicce Mare which is near on the cost not far from San Marino. The hotel was clean throughout run buy fantastic staff.

Our room was modest but had all we needed, the bathe big enough for him n her, was cleaned daily. We had a view over the beach, AC and a ceiling fan which was a god send.

Breakfast typically continental, Dinner same only with a choice of hot food. We sat at the same table all week next to patio doors to the open air. Meal times were again calm organised no chaos. The Staff were amazing nothing to much trouble. We were sceptical of the look of the area when we got there ie all the sun beds, kids activities etc but it was so well organised, clean, we were so wrong on the first impression. The whole place grew on us and we are going again next year.

We hired 2 electric assisted bicycles(delivered to the hotel) for a day and had a mooch round, hired a car (Fiat Panda) dropped to the door with fuel. We went on search to turtles via a train hotel dropped us at the station and collected us !

For a hotel that is not a major 5* hotel it had so much to offer.

Max has good connections in Italy and is Italian and used to live in the areas where he arranges the holidays.

Max arranged flights, hire car, hotel, transfers, everything I mean everything.

Grant M
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