Gabicce beach

Your place in the sun in the Bay VerdeBlu

The small beach of Gabicce, which has the very finest sand, stretches from the Saint Bartolo mountain to the fishing harbour. The sea of Gabicce, has already won several blue flag awards and has a very gentle inclination allowing everyone to bathe safely.

The characteristic geographical formation of Gabicce allows a light gentle breeze to blow almost constantly, rendering the climate mild and never too humid. Thus making even the hot sun of Gabicce appear less intense than it really is!

The beach in front of the hotel is run by the beach attendant Enzo “il Bagnino”, and it is very well equipped with all the comforts for both your amusment and relax.
Not to be missed while you are in Gabicce is the panoramic road which travels from Pesaro to Gabicce Monte, looking down sheer cliff sides onto the sea; following a succession of green coloured hills, with the intense blue of the Adriatic sea and the bright yellow of the brooms, this road truly offers unique views and settings for nature and history lovers.

We would like to point out the villages of: Castel di Mezzo, Fiorenzuola and the magnificent panoramic view, that from Gabicce Monte stretches along the Riviera.