Discovering Italy on Road Bike

Here we are with our Travel on Road Bike (2 or 4 Stages) across Italy with all our services…an amazing adventure on saddle:

our Tours offers:
Bike Guide on road bike, how will be with you all day long on the road
–Tecnical Assistance by Marinella Bike Bus supporting our trip
Luggage transport day by day
Tecnical Assistance also with replacement bicycle
Refreshment during our trip
Overnight, Dinner and Breakfast in Hotel  by city’s stage goal

Every day we will start for a new adventure, riding all together on selected roads, discovering the most beautiful country in the world..

Calendar 2020

Our 2 Stages’ Tour with Road Bikestarting on saturday, back on sunday

‘’Our Marche, our Land ’’              more Infos
17/18 May    19/21 September

Day 1:  Le creste della valle del Cesano   Km 116
Day 2:
La città dei Brutti, quella della Birra e lo Stregone Km 132

“Assisi Road Trip”        more Infos
16/17 May  5/6 September   5/6 October

Day 1: Gabicce-Fano-Furlo-Scheggia-Assisi Km 160
Day 2: Assisi-Trex-Gubbio-Urbino-Gabicce  Km 165


Calendar 2020

Our 4 Stages’ Tour with Road Bikestarting on thursday, back on sunday

“Grantour Montefeltro Etrusco          more infos
 31 April/3 May   3/6 October  EROICA Edition

Day 1: Sulle tracce di San Francesco (Gabicce – Santuario della Verna) km 114
Day 2: Valle ombrosa, Prato Magno ed il Chianti (La Verna – Castelnuovo Berardenga) km 148
Day 3: Una visita agli Etruschi (Castelnuovo Berardenga – Città di Castello) km 110
Day 4: Rientrando a casa attraverso il Montefeltro (Città di Castello – Gabicce Mare) km 106


“Umbriacelli Road Bike Tour      more infos
save the date special event 7/10 September

Day 1: Si Furlo e la Scheggia (Gabicce – Furlo – Gubbio) km 110
Day 2: Umbria Crossing (Gubbio – Assisi – Spoleto) km 110
Day 3: Un assaggio dei Sibillini (Spoleto – Camerino – Fabriano) km 109
Day 4: La Gola Rossa e le Grotte di Frasassi (Fabriano – Senigallia – Gabicce) km 112


“Travelling & Discovering”       more infos
21/24 May    11/14 June   

Day 1: Il Montefeltro e le valli Aretine (Gabicce – Carpegna – Arezzo) km 150
Day 2: Siena, la Cassia e Montepulciano (Arezzo – Siena – Montepulciano) km 140
Day 3: Lago Trasimeno e Gubbio (Montepulciano – Trasimeno – Gubbio) km 125
Day 4: Rientrando a casa attaverso il passo del Furlo (Gubbio – Furlo – Gabicce) km 115        


“Conquering Firenze”           more infos
06/09 May    17/20 June   17/20 September

Day 1: Si parte sulle tracce della Nove Colli (Gabicce – Bagno di Romagna) km 113
Day 2:
Attraversiamo le foreste Casentinesi (Bagno di Romagna- Firenze) km 105
Day 3: Rientrando in Romagna sulla via dei Sapori (Firenze-Borgo – Brisighella) km 93
Day 4: Le colline e la costa Romagnola (Brisighella – Gabicce) km 145

“Brancaleone Road Bike Tour          more infos
Save the date: 24/27 September

Day 1: Rotolando verso Sud (Gabicce-Castelraimondo) km 143
Day 2: Si entra in Umbria per la via Maestra
(Castelraimondo – Orvieto) km 158
Day 3: Civita, i Calanchi e la via dei Laghi
(Orvieto – Castiglione) km 146
Day 4:  Si rientra a casa..
(Castiglione – Gabicce) km 157


Special Event 2020
our first, hardest and prefered Tour, is finaly back : 


 4 – 7 June 2020